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La web de Kronos en otros idiomas ( EN CONSTRUCCION)

Web de Kronnos en Frances
Web de Kronnos en Ingles
Web de Kronnos en Aleman
Web de Kronnos en Italiano
Web Kronos en Español
Web de Kronnos en Portugues
¡ SPECIAL INTERNET USERS ! Send me any card that I lack in my collection, I give him a "cd" with the spain collection.
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Las ultimas novedades de Cabitel....
Catalogo de España
Know the cards emitted by cabitel in Spain. Basic, Private and Commemorative or Advertising series. Complete their collection
CLASSIFICATION PHONE CARDS SPAINCards are classified and coded according to the distribution method. ( Andorra, Gibraltar, ...).
Novedad CabitelNovedad CabitelNovedad Cabitel
P-033 Abbott/rossP-393 Ca de BestiarP-032 Schering
Unite to our community and send us what you want from information to phonecardscollectors@groups.msn.com.It visits the web of the community PHONECARDSCOLLECTORS
THE EXCHANGE COLLECTORS OF PHONECARDS. (Aim you to the Forum of Exchange of phonecards and of Information on the world of the phonecards) >FORUM <
Find out of you finish them news related with the world of the cards. If you have some news, send it and we will publish it. N E W S
The Spanish phone cards, classified in series. Series Disney, CocaCola, Cars, Fauna, Dogs, Gaudi, etc. If you want some series more, communicate it and soon we will insert it. SERIES
Web de todos los chips españoles
Cards that have the same logo and different sim exist. From here you can discover the sim of each card and who manufactures it.
The first phone cards in Spain, date of the year 1981 (Magnetic Band), the first ones with chip date of the year 1989.... HISTORY
Las ultimas teleferias en todo el mundo
Know the best conventions of phone cards that take place in all Spain and Europe. Attend all.
España en tu tarjetas
The money of Euro. Countries, details, collection C.E.E. To know a little bit but of the money of the C.E.E. EUROPEAN MONEY